40 recipes with easy chicken breast

The chicken breast is the type of ingredient that I love, because you can prepare it in a thousand ways.

I do not exaggerate when I say a thousand. Literally, I think that anyone who feels comfortable in the kitchen can improvise a good recipe with chicken breasts in about five minutes, and surprise their guests with a dish worthy of a signature restaurant. Well, that sounds too easy. Better I will stop exaggerating, although I am sure that several of our readers can do that. If you're not one of them, there's no problem, because we're not going to tell anyone, and we're also going to fill your head with inspiration.

Do you want creative ideas for recipes with chicken breasts? You're in the right place.

Just thinking about the chicken fan community, I organized this list to find a tailor-made preparation: chicken breasts in sauce, chicken breasts with cream, chicken breasts lemon chicken, with fruits, baked, fried, curried, with spices, with herbs, whatever you can think of. And if that happens to you is not included, please leave us a comment at the end of the article or in the social networks of Comedera, because I plan to extend this list with all those proposals.

How to make chicken breast

Right, we already said that in this list come lots of ideas, so you can find a recipe for chicken breast ideal for you (or several). But what we did not say, is that they are chosen according to the philosophy of Comedera: they are easy and quick recipes so you do not complicate your life in the kitchen, but at the same time your dish is delicious. I mean "rich" level "I take pictures to my plate" or level "I share this note in social networks". Ok, that last one was not a true level, but it would be very nice if you share our note.

Going back to what we care about, let's go straight to our list of chicken breast recipes.

curry chicken recipe Chicken curry breasts: with our recipe for chicken curry, you can prepare some chicken breasts chicken worthy of a dinner with the royalty of Prussia. In addition, Comedera curry sauce is one of the best in the world.

40 recipes with easy chicken breast Chicken breasts in Peanut sauce: Daniel had a moment of deep inspiration when he wrote this recipe with peanut sauce and coconut milk. It has oriental flavors and a combination of ingredients that are so rich when eaten alone, that it seems almost impossible for them to be even richer when combined.

 recipe with Andalusian chicken rice Broth with chicken: the ideal thing for this dish is to use good chicken breasts, from which to extract the strips that will come in the rice.

Milanese chicken Chicken Milanese: as good or better than your mother's recipe. This dish is a must if you are learning how to make chicken breasts.

chicken aji Chicken chili : this classic Peruvian cuisine is prepared from chicken breasts, and is proof that this cuisine is truly one of the best in the world.

 chicken suck Chicken suck: good chicken breasts prepared in soup, will never be better than with this suck recipe. Nothing more effective for a Sunday after a night out.

corn cream with Chinese chicken Cream of corn and chicken: the only recipe that can compete with the previous one is this creamy corn soup with squares of chicken breast.Also, we had to include a tapas recipe on this list.

healthy chicken salad Salad chicken: with this recipe you will have chicken in one of its healthiest, healthiest and lightest preparations, but with a spicy touch, so as not to lose your fun.

 Mexican toast Chicken toast: in this recipe, the toasts are lucky to come covered in chicken. They look great.

Mexican tamales Chicken tamales: we became very Mexican and we did not just convert the breasts of chicken in stew for toast, but also in stuffing for tamales.

chicken to the orange Chicken with baked orange: you can also use breasts to prepare the chicken recipe in Comedera orange. The result is guaranteed.

tikka masala Chicken Tikka Masala: this recipe is a super pampered of many cultures that do not have anything of Hindus, although the preparation is of absolutely Hindu origin. That popularity is not for free.

lemon chicken Lemon chicken breast: this recipe I love it because it is much lighter than other preparations of breasts that come overflowing with (delicious) sauces. Besides the Chinese style is an extra point.

recipes with chicken breast

Do you need more breast recipes? Keep reading!

Chicken breast in peach sauce: Among the different recipes of chicken breast in sauce, nothing seems to me more than one bathed in peach sauce with spices. The mixture of sweet and salty flavors, and the Asian touch that give ingredients such as curry, made me an absolute fan of this recipe for chicken breasts.

Chicken breast with cream: it makes me water mouth nothing more to think about this preparation with cream sauce, bacon, garlic and mushrooms. It's a real delicacy.

Chicken breasts in plum sauce: If you ask me how to cook chicken breasts, my first ideas will probably always be with fruit. If with the recipe of breasts in peach sauce had not realized that I love this type of combination, here is another sample, also very good.

Chicken breasts in cheese sauce: this is not precisely the lightest of recipes with chicken breast, but it is very easy to prepare and a guaranteed success.

Chicken breasts with mustard and honey: among the recipes for baked chicken breasts, this is among my favorites. I love the bittersweet taste of the combination of honey and mustard.

Baked chicken breasts with bacon and cheese: although they are prepared in the oven, these breasts are not light at all either. What is left is to suck your fingers.

Pickled chicken breasts: easy, fast, pocket friendly and tasty. Many positive things in one recipe.

Chicken breast with mushrooms: I have the theory that the mushrooms are very good in any combination or recipe. Well almost. The point is that I like mushrooms and I think they deserve their own cooking treat.

Parmesan chicken breasts: in the style of eggplant parmigiana, but in a great version with chicken.

Breasts with red wine: If you love red wine, like me, this recipe is for you. It is also prepared in record time.

Chicken breasts with tarragon: this recipe for chicken breast with white sauce deserves that when finished eating, the dish is cleaned with a piece of bread.In the "worst" of the cases, it goes through an exotic or tropical flavor.

Breasts with cream: another proposal with cream, which also has brandy, olive oil, baby carrots and more friendly ingredients. Better check the link directly.

Breasts to the cava: the recipes with liquor are delicious, but this also has a touch of very Spanish flavor. The ones I like the most on this list.

Paprika chicken breasts: in addition to being rich, this recipe is healthy and has very balanced flavors.

Breasts in strawberry sauce: They did not expect this recipe, right? Me neither, but I was very surprised, in a good way.

Breasts with onions and apples: following the line of recipes with fruits, this is for those who are not totally convinced of sweet or bittersweet flavors . Onions limit any risk they think they are taking.

Cinnamon breasts: another proposal with ingredients out of the ordinary, surprisingly quick to prepare and nice to eat.

Breasts Arabic style chicken: surely, every culture in the world has invented its recipe version of chicken breasts. Here they have the Arabic version, or at least one of them.

Chicken breasts in papaya sauce: every time I like them more you are preparations with tropical touches. In this, the papaya or fruit bomb is the second main ingredient, after the chicken.

Breasts in fig sauce: chicken breasts stuffed with fig and cheese are famous, but could give place to these prepared with fig sauce. The texture of the sauce is an experience.

Marinated chicken breast: it is a fact that marinating the meat adds a taste and a softness that are difficult to achieve in the improvised kitchen. This marinade has very special ingredients, and the result is quite good.

Sea and mountain breasts: for lovers of recipes with many ingredients, this is the ideal. This recipe includes prawns among its ingredients!

Breaded chicken breasts: the tossed fish is a classic of Mexican coastal cuisine. In this case, the technique is the same, but it changes the main ingredient.

Chicken breast in foie gras sauce: for the most refined palates, this recipe will be useful as a main course in important meals, dinners romantic or simply to impress.

Fried chicken breasts: with this preparation, the breasts are quick, easy to prepare, and very typical of homemade food.

The charm of the chicken breasts is that you can cook them in a thousand ways, in sauce, grilled, baked, desmechadas, with ingredients inside, or outside. Prepare them stuffed is my favorite forms, so if you did not have enough with all the proposals we just made, in this link you have a list of delicious preparations of stuffed breasts, so you choose or suffer from indecision (I spend all the time) . Good luck (to decide).